Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It was dark, so dark last night...

Who said 'the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself'? Ah, not that it matters, it is true, and in America we are beaten up by fears constantly. Then the lights go out - could it be assassins cutting lights, phone so they won't have police and alarms? just teenage burglars? rapists? or the wind blowing down tall trees into junction boxes and power lines? Not that it matters - grab the flashlight, turn it on, go get the candles and the kerosene lamp, get them lit and start reading the Bible and the Warhammer novel. Okay, we could have called 911 and reported we thought we were under attack by the Zombie hordes, but it wasn't the reasonable answer to what was happening. Did we have water and food? weapons and ammunition? First aid materials? Warm dry clothing? Transportation away to a safer place? Did the gas fireplace light up brightly when the switch was flipped? Yes, to all of that. So why do y'all have a TSA and believe (reasonable answer to the threat) that is more than a waste of everyone's time, talent and money. If you think that the pedophiles only become Boy Scout leaders (not true) or the drivers of school buses, what kind of new playing fields are there now for the perverts?

Okay, go in the other direction, there is a real threat - then you do have to do full body cavity searches, ground all air traffic with too large a load of fuel, stop being the world's enemy in fact and in fiction. Remember, World War II, Axis and the Allies exchanging bombers daily and nightly, blowing up everything they could find big enough to call a target. Not one of those countries stopped everything to ask for a safe day. Yet on 9/11, they grounded all air traffic, gave orders to shoot down any aircraft that didn't have special permission to fly (are the friendly skies of United gone forever?), and then cower in fear for many years there after pretending that it can never happen again - cause we made it so much safer. OR, there is an illusion of safety, like the dead bolt lock on a door frame that will pop into the room when struck properly.... it doesn't slow much down at all.

I don't like flying because I am on fixed income, they charge for baggage and they treat you like a child without a mind --- but I will fly because people I love are far away, and I will almost wish for bombs on Washington DC because there doesn't seem to be any intelligent life there worth saving. Key word, ALMOST, I have seen the face of war and the innocent are always the victims of someone's stupidity. So I don't wish for real bombs, just that they know how badly they are at representing me - I have one representative, and he hasn't made me secure in my life yet. Hmm, wonder if I could do better without him? Oh, I am doing better without him. Well, that will be all from here, don't forget it does take FEMA a bunch of time to get it right after the TSA fails. Homeland security, home security... which works best?

By the way, this story can't be true. Only a commander wanting to make sure he had his ticket punched with combat command and no friendly fire or accidental discharge would do this. The ARs will go on safe when the hammer has been cocked, but not when it hasn't. You could carry a rifle or carbine with a round in the chamber and tell anyone asking that of course it doesn't have a round in the chamber and it is on safe. Remember that the Secret Service has commanders remove the whole bolt carrier groups of troops around the Commander in Chief, just no trust left in the world is there? Yeah, that story couldn't be true, or all the troops would be back home, patrols without ammunition mean more bayonet training in Georgia. Get them all back, now.

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Old NFO said...

"OR, there is an illusion of safety, like the dead bolt lock on a door frame that will pop into the room when struck properly.... it doesn't slow much down at all."

That is EXACTLY what it is... an illusion!

Re the 'unloaded' gun... I don't think so!