Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shakeups... and breakups... the end of one's world...

Ever wonder how it was for others when it all came to an end, every rule, all that they had worked for or created - brushed aside, crushed under or burned up in a sad day of bombing one back into the stone age? Most of the victims wouldn't have noted it, it just was what was happening, if they survived they went on the best they could. But it would never be the same, and thousands of years later someone would be digging up the long buried History and guessing (using the best guess method) that a society lived a certain way, because that is the way all societies live. And yes, it is happening today, but we are too close to understand that it is happening.

In the Appleseed society, the one-up-manship grows, make it special enough for a colored Winterseed patch (which there aren't enough of in the world of really cold range weekends) and some hot weather posers want to have a SUMMERseed patch. One of the hard working Master Instructors has been relieved to ripen off the vine. He should have chosen my option - Hibernation - one needs reflective time, to identify what needs to be done, what one can add to the measures of worth. And bears do very well fattening up and then sleeping it off until enough Sun comes back to stir things.

Ah, well, George R. R. Martin has still not finished his Saga of Ice and Fire - but then he isn't a starving author any longer either. Maybe a little more hunger in the world could be a good thing to keep everyone working. I heard that universal health care would be a good thing, and we should have it - but then one couldn's smoke, abuse drugs, get fat, eat strange diets and such - you would be breaking a compact with the nation that provided your health care, like you can't complain about the TSA at the travel hubs, since they provide your security - you can't carry concealed there and they have all the guns and THE LAW on their side. Don't worry, Mom, I am not going to visit for Thanksgiving - but I will be thankful for you and your share of my life. And remember when you pray for your enemies, include your friends you don't agree with - like the whole Homeland Security bunch. They are doing the very best they can... they definitely need more help and God is the answer.

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