Monday, February 28, 2011

How was your weekend?

A little snow and rain here, lots of freezing temperatures and Earl stayed on the virtual farm. I did see some of Sons of Guns, I didn't bother with the Oscars - although I do wish them all well, know they did a good job, and hope they had a good time without me. Yeah, they have no idea I am even alive. Am still reading Bloodlands, next time you tell me that government is good and rules are needed, I will snarl internally - it is just like guns - government is only good if the people in government are GOOD, moral and hard working.

In the Appleseed World, which I only get to view from my monitor. Lewiston, Idaho, Racine, Wisconsin, Colebrook, CT (don't know how to spell that), Myakka City, Florida, Bakersfield, California, Lapeer, Michigan.

You get the idea, end of February, from coast to coast, no matter the weather. Get out there and shoot and honor the Heritage!

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Old NFO said...

We went and shot on Saturday, not an Appleseed, but we were out practicing!