Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, I still read but they don't write for me...

Watching the old men come in to the library to find a good Western to read, that didn't have all that sex stuff in it -- I knew what they were looking for, and it was getting harder to find.

Must be a day for Davids. I go to Borders (that place looks sad) and pick up David Drake and David Weber. I drop into the Library and this exchange takes place:

Smiling library assistant, looking pleasant and waiting to be needed. Notices old guy.

Old guy notices "Do I look suspicious?"

A bit flustered still smiling library assistant "No, not at all!" hopefully helpfully.

Old guy "Well, I am still trying." and goes to pick up some reading.

Ransom by David Malour and More Guns, Less Crime by John R. Lott. Jr.

Tam had a post about the Roman Army changing over the years, and liken it to the United States military. I have a whole couple of duffel bags of my wisdom on that subject. Only two worth mentioning, if the NATION isn't going to WAR don't send your military to be changed by friction of cultural clash. Second, young men do better in a real military than in college - they take longer to learn how good it is being an adult but do it so much faster under fire and flak.


SPQR said...

When i was in middle high school (ish) i had just read Jason and the Argonauts and dug it. One of my older buddies lent me a copy of Drake's The Voyage. I have been a crappy winter day fan of David Drake ever since.

Earl said...

I have liked David Drake since Hammer's Slammers, but I still think he is on top of my list of authors of note, because he took the time to send me some postcards as I was waiting in Saudi Arabia for the Desert Storm.