Saturday, December 13, 2008

Old dogs and new tricks...

Seems I have a real problem with the word rifle - seems that I am constantly using weapon when I talk about it. Will have to work on that - both terms are correct but if I want someone to feel they should come and shoot rifles with me, I should drop the word weapon since that word isn't really about punching paper perfectly. They can make the transition later once we get them to shooting 4 MOA. Or not, most people are just fine not being spear carriers.

I have a slight headache, I really don't like living on the road (such a homebody I have become), and the weather is working on challenging - not impossible, just challenging - cold, wet, and windy - with rolling gray masses of future waters above... y'all have a great day, will be wishing that for you.

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Old NFO said...

It's the training kicking in EArl, weapon and rifle are interchangeable in our lexicon, but not PC in today's world. I agree that rifle is more "palatable".