Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes I really do well, and others...

I asked my wife once, why she married me - what was so special about me rather than that banker that got so rich. She said I had a large nose and I kept my promises. Well, the nose wasn't ever going to get smaller but that keeping my promises is a tough one to live up to. Before I went on my merry adventure into Idaho and the Boomershoot she made me promise to go to church on Sunday, and my response was I should become Catholic, they had a real morning mass. I was thinking of all the Boomershoot goodness I would miss if I went to church, I started thinking of ways around my promise and in general being a potentially lesser person than she wanted me to be. But as I tooled around the beautiful farm land, and found the shaded snowpacks that haven't seen the Sun, I found the answer to my quandry - The Cavendish United Methodist Church is sharing their pastor with the Orofino Church and so it has a service that starts at 8:30 AM and I would be back at Boomershoot by ten for the FireBall! Don't tell me that the Lord doesn't work in mysterious ways. Wonderful people invited me in and shared coffee and tales, and I find that the couple that is providing curly fries and burgers are also members of that church, and I got a coffee cup with a picture of the church. The only log church in the Northwest that I know of.

Saturday night we had all gathered for dinner at the VFW, raffles and talk about shooting. I won a level for my unrailed rifle, which means I have to buy the rest of the stuff - so many choices and only so many years left of me to enjoy it all. I did represent myself as a member of the RWVA and talked a bit, so someone came over to ask for some help getting a shooting range in Spokane for Appleseeds, seems the Department of Natural Resources wasn't helping him, I think the Fish and Game folks would be better. They really do want hunters and shooters. I went and slept in the Caravan that night, determined that I will repack all my emergency stuff, I was very warm in the mink blanket but wanted five more inches of stretch room since I haven't shrunk enough yet.

Sunday is really the big Boomershoot day, lots of shooters, all kinds of firearms, some way to beautiful to shoot, but they shoot them any way. One hundred and fifty pound shooting tables that allow a perfect shot with each gentle stroke of the trigger, tents that look like bunkers I have served observation time in, shooters on the ground, a couple shooting off hand (?) but not making an explosion. Lots of explosions, lots of great shots and fine shooters and spotters. I did get the see the Anvil launch, and the fire ball that didn't work as well as the one the bloggers had started a grass fire with - maybe next year. I had taken over a hundred and sixty shots and replaced the batteries in my digital camera once, and I still had two more memory cards and whatever was left on the card in the camera. Talked cars, talked scopes and spotting scopes (I listened) and listened to the almost constant boom of those tiny targets going off way across the valley, 375 to 750 meters. Time to go home before my Vietnam flashbacks get started.... and seven and a half hours later I was, home and safe and my wife looked at my pictures and listened to my story and we slept into the work week. Time for breakfast.

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