Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Upon Reflection I am not as represented...

Wasn't it wonderful to get back to work yesterday? I had six bins of mail waiting for me, six! that was at least two trips up and down the long stairway, but one of the mailmen carried one of my bins up after me on my second trip and I thanked him. He probably thinks I am a bit too old to be loaded down, but I am not, yet. I finally had a little control over the library by the last movement of the day, my crew had dumped all that happened while I was gone (only three work days and covered by the ladies). By Thursday I expect we will have all the new books linked and in circulation, the ILL requests back up in powerful numbers and on the way and my supervisor will have straightened out my wandering from procedure that she found while working my station.

I came home to my American Rifleman, NRAstore, GunNews Magazine, CMP Sales Catalog - 2009, my LAST ISSUE of rider magazine and a letter from my mother in North Carolina. I continue to clean up my stuff and organize everything, so slowly, preparing to run out and away next time I get a chance. I have been caught telling toddlers to ESCAPE! RUN AWAY NOW while they aren't paying attention. Otherwise you will become a responsible adult and forget how to laugh joyously escaping the monsters that will tickle you. Mothers don't always love my better qualities but the toddlers do.

I find my nametag from the Boomershoot 2009, and it says more than I have earned. I was Media and Spectator - so I have written and I did watch (I loved all the watching and what I saw). But mostly I felt like I was flying under false colors, Joe Huffman was stretching it when he allowed me to come as a Gun Blogger - I am really Just the Library Keeper (and if you ask my supervisor I might not be that either, but I do like the title). Tam listed many of the things that a Gun Owner might be, qualifiers to pin down how one uses and looks at guns and those activities around them. I could see myself sometimes in the one area and sometimes in another and that still doesn't make me a Gun Blogger - I think I write about my commute on the motorcycle as much as the shooting activities, I have limited knowledge (and don't share much of it) about anything mechanical, chemical, tactical or ballistic in shooting. I look at the firearm as only a tool, and not really a center point to my life.

No, while I was at the Boomershoot from start to finish what I was doing was watching the people, seeing their passion and performance, listening for their pride and pushing their pondering about whatever they brought to the conversation, from children to older than I folks I was soaking them up to put them in the blog - this blog which is more about people and my thoughts than it is about guns - for the gun is only a tool and I have some and know what to to with them sometimes, but the people I meet are more the wonder in my life. Y'all take care out there.

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Ry Jones said...

I hope you're able to attend next year, as well.