Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Okay, now I am really ill....

I don't believe in Zombies, although people tied to their televisions, cellphones and such may be closer than I want to realize. Still today when I went to check with my doctor he had other specialists listed to see about how to improve me. Sigh, and my mother loves me the way I am, except for the far away and apart stuff. Anyway, my doctor wants me to see a Cardiac Specialist and get a Brain scan - anyone that knew me as a Drill Sergeant and Senior NCO would immediately know the doctor was trying to find a heart and mind - which were removed in my first NCO Academy for my future professional growth. What my doctor and I talked about is confidential, but really I wasn't buying it and probably won't anytime soon without something else changing.

I walked down to the dock today, like most days, and a bright red BMW pulled over and stopped and the window powered down, so I stuck my head down and around (hoping for that beautiful long legged red head of my mythology -- it wasn't) it was a sharp looking soldier with three metal proficiency badges above his left pocket and sunglasses on his head "Hey, Old Timer, would you like a lift?" Which is not the way to sell me a refrigerator in the Artic, Old Timer? do we know each other? "No," I answered, "I do this for the exercise and thanks for the offer." He drove off, I hadn't even been limping or anything but he was looking out for me. Ladies, he was a keeper if you could catch him... like I would know what a keeper was today.

The only other thing of note today was that I called BlogTalkRadio to make may opinion known on Gun Nuts Radio: Self Defense hosted by Breda of Library, Guns and Bacon fame. So I chatted and no one paid attention to me, and then I called and was nicely thanked by Caleb - but I probably sounded like an old man when I asked why he hadn't shot in his latest self defense opportunity - his answer was correct - the threat was gone so he didn't shoot. I also wondered but didn't ask why he was a target of the fool with the knife, what made him a potential victim? Still, since he threw his coffee at the perp I thought that was the first good move, getting his pistol out next was second, and not saying "put your hands in the air" was the third good non-move.

Okay, almost time to go get the hot shower and get to bed, I am so far behind in work and will crack the whip tomorrow. Since another doctor has my Thursday afternoon tied up in his office and lab. Can't wait to find out about the Brain Scan, I know there must be a good picture of my mind somewhere.... blank slate of course... I did get three green ball caps to use as Shoot Boss this weekend, two are perfect colors, no sewing on them yet. But the color becomes me... I hope.


threecollie said...

Even more to pray about. You take care as best you can...you do not look old timerish to me btw, but perhaps that has something to do with perspective....you being almost the exact age of the boss and all.

Earl said...

Praying is always good, for others even better. For self it only helps focus, but for others it spreads the love. I should work on that theology one day. Thank you.

wv faillyce

hmmm, don't like the looks of that one, paranoia creeps out to play