Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What are you worth to your government?

Well, except for the fact I pay taxes and obey the law, I am sure the government doesn't really care that I am alive and wouldn't pay anything for me. But then I know that the government is only a thing - without a heart and a mind (yes, there is no intelligence in the government only in the people working behind the curtain - and sometimes that needs to be proven), and certainly no soul.

As I approach that magical age of 62, early retirement opportunity under the Social Security program, I downloaded the free calculation software, and started filling out the data and their forms - isn't anything simple in the government regulations? See comment on intelligence above. I ran the data, found an entry error, corrected it and ran the data again. I expect I will get a paper copy of their annual estimate in a couple of days (end of October for me) and the two will be very close to exactly.

In the end as I discovered when talking to my wife about it last night, her greatest benefit from my Social Security is if I die and go to Heaven, she would get more than I would for staying alive. So since the rule is you pay people in the direction you want them to move - the government is trying to get my wife to off me, lawfully, and quietly. I don't have any fear of that happening, she started to worry about what would happen to my guns if I died, seems she thinks my son shouldn't get them since he drinks, or better reason - he isn't really interested in them. He only shoots professionally, which in the military isn't as much as the civilians would know. I will have to figure something out that would work well for those firearms.

I will pretend I have time to work on a plan, but my doctor's office called up and they want me for consultation and examination this afternoon in follow up to the fainting (?) incident on the fourteenth, maybe they found something else?

Okay, for all of those that believe that the government loves us and is only trying to make our lives better - I will admit that as long as I pay taxes, work productively and obey those people behind the curtain, they probably won't try to trick me into breaking a law, put their ski masks on to hide their faces and break into my home nor shoot my wife through the door. I do doubt seriously that they will tell the media that I live in a fortified compound and try to smoke me out, and I am almost positive (not living in Philadelphia) that they aren't going to drop a bomb on my home and burn out the neighborhood. But I do remember that our government, American, has done all those things to the least of us. I mean, they even got Martha Stewart, for falsification of evidence? I need to stay below the radar, don't we all?

Remember what I wrote about government not having a mind, and the level of intelligence of those behind the curtain, and always that there are over three hundred million Americans most of whom don't work for the government except for that tax thing. Back to coffee mug.


threecollie said...

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers

Earl said...

That is worth so much more than I will ever know, thank you kindly. I do not think there is anything really wrong but the doctor is being good at his job, which is a very good thing.

wv onman

Stephen said...

Also saying a quick prayer for you. With your dedication to living life I'm sure it will be nothing and you'll outlive most of us.

Ky Woman said...

you just take care!! We need your voice with the lovely words of wisdom in the blog world. Well, okay, maybe it's just me...