Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Budget Bell has bonged, bonged and ....

Our Governor, on her way to Denmark, dropped off her Budget and her wish list for when we get higher taxes. The correction in the cost of Corrections was dropped at the same time, all very interesting for any State worker (ME!). McNeil Island is going from Medium Security to Minimum, although they aren't taking the water away from around it. There are no libraries at the minimum facilities manned by Washington State Library employees, we do send books and CDs to them. So in January, when this is supposed to happen some kind of an adjustment might have to be made. By Earl's rules of order, I have to find another post, and the Human Resource folks will help - I did get an offer to work in the biggest and newest library at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center - it was un-official but there are openings, I suspect she just wanted me not to be gloomy, I am not. I always figure that something better will happen.

Speaking of better, I seem to have a box of Appleseed Shoot goodies, promised delivery is tomorrow, Friday, so with all the help from my friends, the RWVA Central and my own preparations we should have a great Winter Appleseed - what did they call that Apple cider that was frozen to remove the water content and only the alcohol was left - the good stuff? Applejack? I probably have the whole process wrong, but that is what happens to fellows that quit drinking badly so very long ago. If I don't see you on my range this weekend, okay Wade's DAR, you have a great one and remember to make every shot count, targets were put on the Earth for a purpose.

Gosh, you should have seen the grandson last night, if I win the Lotto the wife is off to Hawaii for hugging time.


threecollie said...

Sorry about the news on the job front. That is tough indeed. Hope you do win that lottery so you can go where it is warm and hug that little sweetie.

Jeffro said...

Welp, the job news rather blows. Great timing on their part, too. Hope it all works out for ya - I've got faith in ya, at any rate.