Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where are they when the virtual visions blurs....

Can't find the Revolutionary War Veterans Association this morning, but I did pet all my FarmVille animals and win a Blue Ribbon which is now announced on FaceBook - I exist! Sort of, I have crops to harvest before I pull out to work this morning, leaving the fields fallow until I return tonight. In the real world, it is warmer but still frozen outside, with the promise of glacier building moisture this weekend, smile for I have to drive in that stuff.

The real me is fatter, I didn't throw the good stuff out that my wife is trying to please me with - she knows I don't need it, but that I will be a pig about it and it is time I grew up and took charge of the stuff I stuff inside me. But I was so calmed by the time petting the virtual animals and waiting for the beans to grow that my blood pressure was only 119/72 with a heart rate of 45 beats per minute. Time for coffee and devotions, the world has done well without my participation last night, all my dreams were military running and marching and brooding brick barracks.

The picture is in case anyone has forgotten about June. Enjoy.

PS I don't think the ATF has grabbed the servers from RWVA, but they did upgrade and most likely the storm has cut power and service to many areas back East, like it does here, and my computer doesn't do very well on a diet of coal oil, not at all.

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Jeffro said...

Amazingly enough, my 'puter won't run on propane, either.