Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And as Johnnie said "How cold is it....."

Well, it was warmer yesterday and the baristas that normally wear so little that the fine church ladies talk about them, and my wife wonders that I don't get my coffee there (I am too cheap and shy), the Baristas were all dressed, long sleeves and long johns (just guessing about the latter). Today it is colder, what was the title of that movie "An Incovenient Truth" by Al Gore? Well, I did take a picture of our bird and cat bowl from the backyard, and it is ready for the Stanley Cup finals, no worry about breaking through that ice, it is ready to start a new glacier. The Polar Bears are happy, and hibernating already. it is dark up there. The penguins in the south are fishing and Mankind has sent its smarter than the average leadership to Denmark for Climate Control Conference, sigh. Do you really think we can bring back the dinosaurs? Should we? Twenty-one degrees of Global warming here, no Trusty Triumph today.


Old NFO said...

And there are a LOT more polar bears, and they are NOT dying... appears the satellite that showed the ice edge malfunctioned... The ice is normal again this year.

threecollie said...

The weathermen are flying storm warnings here...not even the middle of December and a big one is on the way already. Reminds me of the late sixties when they nearly canceled Thanksgiving and Christmas because of almost back to back blizzards...only then they were warning us about Global Cooling. I believed them then, but I was a teenager and had an excuse. Nowadays I am just a tad more skeptical.