Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just when you thought that Tiger Woods should...

go do what he is best at, I go to work and link onto the conference call for the Institutional Library Services, sigh. Maybe I should worry about Tiger's problem, he doesn't want to hurt anyone and knows the media wants blood for their advertisers' joy in attracting strange folks, foolish with their money. Sorry, Tiger, best thing to do is go learn another sport and close down the machine that made money on your skills. The media hates a real hero and what they would call a loser - they would never take responsibility and family over a billion dollar industry. But your father and mother would. If you want I have a fine team and DAR and you could learn to shoot a rifle better on the 12th and 13th of December, you could move your family to Iowa or Minnesota and never look at a green until Spring finally shows up.

In my real life, since Tiger doesn't read my blog and didn't ask my opinion:

For the ILS Conference Call, I was ready to ask again to change the check out on CDs to one week, to not allow reserving the CDs, to stop ILL CDs, but didn't see the larger picture, just looking at what bogs my day down here. Then the call was about deep budget cuts, and what to do. So sad.

In my email I see I have an opportunity to attend a seminar on the Retirement opportunity, so I have logged myself and my wife into one on the 27th of February in Tacoma. Which is less than three months away, Time flys.

I will look at my normal work and the reports to do today, think about the stuff I can do to help keep the ILS open, and I will start looking for another job - because I don't ever get the feeling that the Library is a single enity - ILS is among the forgotten, and shouldn't be. IF this were a military operation, the rear area would have the air conditioned stuff, cold beer and hot coffee - but supplies and troops would flow to the frontlines. In this library they cut the front lines off, cutting the ability to do the best, so everything at the Main Library is fine... and I have seen other libraries, they do almost the same thing. Maybe they could use my talents in Afghanistan for something interesting for a year or two - if I were in uniform (too old and cranky) it would seem strange. Must be some civilian work I could handle.

Don't worry, we will do our best at all we have to do, and when we get the right information for the right people, when we make a difference we will be really proud. We get about two of those most days, at least two. Thanks for the opportunities, and don't sweat the budget cuts and the big guys in the backrooms - we already know they don't love us and aren't coming to do our jobs when we are gone, because we are better than them. Cheer up Laura, I haven't been late recently that I remember (memory one of the first things to go).

Wouldn't this be an interesting blog post? Yes, it would.


Old NFO said...

Sad to hear that Earl, but on the other hand, it's another chance to excel :-)

Earl said...

Not to worry, here, I am fine. But the rumors really hurt everyone else.