Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking for a position...

Talked with my wife, it is okay if I want to go to Afghanistan, for six months. I have a niece going to the Gulf Region for six, she's Air Force and needs a bit of a break from South Dakota wind and chill. My son, in Hawaii, wants to go with her since he is dying on paperwork drill. I never understand why Headquarters staff units don't schedule more dismounted, on one's back, staff exercises of three to five days - where one could really learn about the heavy burden the lower ranks carry... nevermind, not my military any more.

I opened my mouth about opportunities to Shoot Boss and instruct at Appleseeds in 2010, and the lack of scheduled ranges. Then realized that I hadn't gone out and talked anyone into hosting one weekend next years, so I have the addresses, will write a nice polite letter and include some promotional flyers and see if I can stir up some interest. Well, time for cup two of morning coffee, and breakfast. Those that aren't in the Revolutionary War Veterans Association or on the Appleseed trail, reading this (one or two of y'all) look around for 2010 schedule and look into attending one Appleseed, with folks you would like to shoot safely alongside. You could learn something and have a wonderful time - if it isn't raining, snowing and your brass isn't freezing after ejection on the snow pack. There are sunny days some where.

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