Thursday, December 31, 2009

My cookie function is disabled, see how...

Earl's cookie function isn't disabled, I have it set where I want it and thank you very much. Many of Earl's functions might seem disabled, but cookies I was just munching on happily as I checked in on the farm... they are gone and I am here - disabled, not likely. I am reaching the exciting climax of Monster Hunters International, so I know about disabled... Since it is a long weekend I also have The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith, Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman, and The Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay (Brett is Kate's son but she needed a man's assistance to sell the book - men don't read books by women about being Manly) I made that up, they claim to be a husband and a wife team in Oklahoma and on the net - but I will only visit the website if the book is good. If it doesn't have boys and youth engaging in fights until about twenty-too old for that nonsense I won't buy a copy for my grandson.

Big news today, on the 13th of January there will be a meeting between my supervisors and DOC representatives about how much library you get for next to nothing, I have to attend as the resident expert - but they will listen kindly and do what they want. The weekend following is when I go to get Rifle Instructor certified. Rain and cold here, can't see the moon (Blue), I get to take myself and wife to her church to pray in a new year tomorrow Early... of course. Time for another mug of coffee and a nap. Until they decide to rebroadcast the ball falling on Times Square for us West Coast of fly by country... motorcycle it, it is beautiful out there... in the Summer.

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threecollie said...

I should disable my cookies!!! I make the ones on the computer ask permission before they record themselves on my personal drive space...the ones in the kitchen, not so much. I was doing so well until the holidays.
Happy New Year, Earl, and family, keep up the great writing!