Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well, now what are you going to do, its over...

Christmas is over, but that was just the celebration of the birth, there is a whole life left to study, follow and teach and preach about. I have always thought at the back of my mind and on top of the "to do list" is to retire into Lay Preacher - just to follow a family tradition. Well, they were mostly really ministers all properly school trained with churches, and my cousin really did break out and go to seminary and is a minister in New Zealand, meaning I don't really have to cover my generation.

Being the real Earl, not my grandfather the Reverend Earl Martin Smith, I spent part of my holiday putting new sight posts on my Liberty Training Rifles, Remington Model 597, 22LR semiautomatics with adjustable aperture sights. And I am looking forward to going to the range today to sight them in and take them to the next Appleseed, no more scheduled for me in 2009, the last two got started at 8:30 AM this morning and there aren't enough scheduled for 2010 to satisfy me let alone Fred. He wants some 20,000 new shooters this coming year, or some even bigger number.

Since I don't really know if I will have a job after the 12th of February, 2010 - which is Lincoln and my mother's birthday, she will be 82 this year - I am open to scheduling my year around where I can learn more about rifle marksmanship, teach, coach and assist in marksmanship programs everywhere. If I were to be as smart as Paul Revere, I would join every possible rifle club, shooting event and support if nothing else - he belonged to every committee on every possible group for Liberty and Civic Improvement in Massachusetts, and mostly what we know about him is his horse riding ability and some smithing work, he was so much more than that. Anyway, back to being a better me, exercise and breakfast await the sluggard, everyone else has done their's already, haven't you? or are you with Earl, a sluggard?

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Old NFO said...

Good point Earl- at least you have a plan, and there worse things to do that teaching new shooters and enjoying the outdoors on a regular basis! Best wishes for 2010!