Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just get the facts talk to the wife make your move...

Saturday was a big day for my wife, church friends coming over, so two days of buying the correct food and stuff, one day of cooking and moving furniture and cleaning and then the two to three hours of entertaining the Bible study group in her home. The event was a complete success. An hour and a half after the last visiting lady left my wife had all the dishes and utensils cleaned and put away, I had all the furniture down or back or moved to normal positions and we were almost normal again.

We got Skyped by Hawaii, and enjoyed the talk and the view, plans are underway for May and June, pictures come in over email, I save and print some, post others. And my back decides to remind me that I am just a fat old man, not that I didn't get a tight back - back in the old days when much younger and foolish. It isn't any better to get it as an older gentleman than it was as a youngster... Back to the heat pads and the horizontal adjustment platform - bed, good night.

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threecollie said...

Feel better soon...the boss is stiff and sore too, after getting worked over by a new heifer that objected to the concept of being milked for the first time.