Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mom is wise beyond measure...

Don't Wait

by Melba Dungey

Don't wait till it's the funeral parlor,

with me in a casket,

surrounded by satin;

don't wait till then

to come see me!

If you don't want to see me,

well then just don't come,

but don't then, come to my funeral...

What good is it if you're there?

We can't talk, we can't hug,

We can't sit in companiable silence....

All the good will be gone,

there will be no love shown,

it'll mean nothing to me

for I won't be there,

just my body all worn out....

Think, you can see me now!

Are you too busy to see me?

Why can't you come like spring?

It comes regularly, so could you!

All the good will be gone,

there will be no love shown,

we can't talk, we can't hug,

we can't sit in companiable silence...

It'll mean something to my family,

because I can't hear you then

our time together will be gone....

The time with me need not be long,

Just come see me!

That's all I want!

Time with you,

to talk, to argue, to smile, to laugh,

to enjoy each other!

By Melba Dungey

Of course, there is my brother-in-law weighing in on The Government's side:

Subject: forget the math
Date: Friday, January 8, 2010 10:46:52 AM

look wait until you are 66....get as much as you can from the goverment.....the old timers when I grew up was you are just useing math to prove to yourself what you want to do ....there is no reason to get money if you are still able to get you really need the money???....don't you aready have everthing you need??? what you want....I just remember KC saying you are geting that amount.... thats more then I am geting....and I really did not work out there that much and they were not the best paying jobs....and I was very surprise at the the I am trying to spread the word to everyone wait untill 66 or 67 or what can always do it at 63 or 64 right

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Ky Woman said...

Your mother has a point...

Hope that you are able to see her side really soon.

oh, and feel better fast!