Friday, February 12, 2010

I can't convince my sister that a motorcycle momma is a great thing...

She is way too practical, but I think the motorcycle would be practical and enriching. If I weren't so old I would get myself one and ride across the country a couple of more times before I expire. Being twice as old as I feel and twice retired and cast off as useless extravagance by the ones in the know at the Office of the Secretary of State I have decided to find an appropriate ride for the person they saw burdening the State. I went shopping for a rocker for my front porch so I can watch the Sun pass me by, and the world drive into and out of their garage, the last walking couple having heart troubles with the male member of the pair. Anyway, I found the perfect ride for the front porch, most excellent craftsmanship and a wonder, just lovely. And if we were paying attention we would notice this isn't a government jobs program, I need to win that Lotto don't I? Nah, I should go visit and get sized for one, and think long and hard about it. One for the younger father and mothers out there, and storytime reading is demonstrated and worthy of note. Rock on! Thank you, Hal Taylor of Hartwood, Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to this fantastic artisan! Too bad I can't afford any of them.