Thursday, February 11, 2010

You haven't seen the Eagles flying lately...

I have been looking, I loved watching the dawn patrol of a pair overflying the rocky beach at McNeil Island, flocks of birds would burst into the sky as fast as they could, not wanting to be slow, alone and so tempting and the eagles would ignore the foolish masses and continue their patrol. Now we have lots of ducks and flock flying beach birds, and the geese remain courting and nesting and hissing at humans too close.

Well, I am very relaxed, not much I can do about things and this morning I had a terrific idea, I should start a business for me and the first part is easy - define the need and design the organization to accomplish the solution. Yep, that started all kinds of wild flights of imagination, some very good ideas and they will survive and get built upon. Count was clear, but they then did picture card count, too many new faces coming in, too many leaving and so breakfast was delayed and the crew came in as they could and we started working. It was a productive day, I de-frosted the old refrigerator and watered the tree with ice and cold water. Because of all the stress of tomorrow being the end of employment for about twenty-five staff in the Library, the State Librarian had an eleven o'clock memorial to their memory - well, that was kind of what I thought it was sounding like - I was imagining the helmets on rifle butts with boots and Taps playing, I have seen them too often, and eleven is a magic number for remembering the dead and the end of war. So I wrote a pretty positive message, mentioning that I hadn't died, wishing everyone well and thanking them for the opportunity to serve and highlighting that those that never got to work in the institutions don't understand their importance, which is true of most real work, only the workers understand. It was well received and commented upon by many, piling on is what I call it, but it lifted some spirits.

I picked up some mail, mostly the new books for processing and a couple of papers and magazines. When the patrons came to browse I got a surprise - one of my thorns in my side (kind of) gave me a request and an Appreciation card, I am sure they get them from the Chapel, the printed message was: May the Lord always return to you the kind and thoughtful things you do. Thank You "Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied." JUDE 2 KJV

and he had written: "Earl, You've always been very helpful, and respected us all. I really appreciate all the years you dealt with the many questions, and library concerns I had. Even when you told me NO, you kept a smile on your face. Now you can be a full time NRA and a learning Democrat. Best wishes in the free world, you earned your release. Thank you, his name"

Many the political conversations, about the news, about his problems trying to keep up with his growing daughter, and her care and problems over these many, many years. I shook his hand, and several others saying their good-byes. May they only remember the best things about me and the library. I closed out the day with about thirty new arrivals to register, shipments in from a closing camp and regular rotation the biggest group I have ever had to register, and I made it - glad I use nine digits to type and don't look at the keyboard. Day done, I check and see my replacement will be coming on the 11 o'clock ferry tomorrow, we will sign over keys and I should be able to answer a few questions. Turn off the computer system, and the lights, lock the door and call it a night. Actually it is still daylight. I had light while walking to the dock this morning and I have light when I drive home, Summer is on the way.

As I walk the pier to the floating dock and the ferry back an eagle swoops over me in the direction I am going, as I notice and lift my head he does a hard left and flys off to a long branch on a tall tree hanging over a cliff, and watches over his domain. The Eagles are back, or it is a great sign, but it is all good.

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Long-time RN said...

Lovely post. The Eagle is a great sign.