Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It must be Springtime

Fog rules the Sound, and muffles my purring down the road on the Trusty Triumph, I think of 'little cats paws' and enjoy the cool dark quiet. While anxiously thinking that some of those other fools aren't running their lights and may be running the traffic lights, one does pay attention to more than the chance of falling over on the bikes, one must look for the drivers that never see little old me... I don't think Winter is done with us, but have seen geese flying North, the cry for Snow from British Colombia for the Olympics (please pray or just send this way). But our daffodils are on parade, will have to really work the beds later this year, but all my early morning falling out for formation and report in OCS at Fort Benning brought this picture into mind and I share. Just Remember, those flowers won't get out of the way when Winter snow returns, they will just bow down a bit and hope to rise again with the thaw. Must be a life moral to that picture and my post.

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Long-time RN said...

Delightful to see those daffodils! It'll be a while before any appear here in the Midwest.