Friday, February 5, 2010

So what is new, in the world?

Here it didn't really rain, so I drove the minivan to work and home, listening to the GPS tell me to turn left, and then recalculating. My wife is at Bible Study so I listen to the WORLD NEWS, and find out there is a terrible snow storm in the EAST, and still they don't blame Al Gore (but my sister, in North Carolina, said they had already closed the school for the day - morning email), there seems to be a need for the World to know that the Governor's wife is upset about her husband's romantic trip to Argentina, so she talked to Barbara Walters (who has written a book about all her own affairs) for later broadcast - thought I would pass on that one, there was a courts martial of two officers for having troops in danger - although I was sure that President Obama was Commander in Chief and had authorized the surge and continuing to support his objectives in Afghanistan, somebody has to fight and fighters don't always win, sometimes they do lose. Didn't anyone brief Obama that the Macedonians, British, Russians have all departed Afghanistan after covering themselves with gore and glory? He probably thought that Charlie Wilson chased the Russians out with our weapons, shouldn't believe everything that comes out of Hollywood, kind of like blaming the Soviets and Chinese Communists for arming the Vietnamese (they were serious about winning, weapons just helped). Is Obama serious about winning in Afghanistan? I don't think so. Oh, yeah, the Toyota CEO bowed and apologized for his company - and the Americans had to have that explained to them - they all want large tort claims or ritual suicide or both. Put your life in neutral, you are running it too fast. Person of the Week should have been memorable -- it was a woman wasn't it? Something about a movie maker, Hurt Locker? Should have stuck, Hurt Locker is on my list of movies to see or own. Speaking of women in the news.

Well I wasn't really, she was, but Farmer Frank did a nice write up about women shooting (Women and Guns, a New Perspective), and I ran across a fine story about a young lady that attended an Appleseed and is now working on teaching rifle marksmanship and American Heritage. I passed that on to one of my favorite working librarians since the young lady is also from Ohio (which is a bigger state than some folks think). Anyway, the point of this post is I am getting so much more of what I am living for from the wild and free Internet, and bloggers than the highly paid news corporations and talking heads. Thank you folks, you make life very worth living.

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Old NFO said...

Well, the internet DOES allow us to choose our own media... :-)