Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, I snapped yesterday...

They hit me about one every two minutes and the last one asked for me to take the magazines off my desk so they wouldn't get stolen. The man that asked me that was over forty, thinks he is mature but is not going to be a cop and tell another criminal not to steal a magazine from the library staff desk. I picked the magazines up, threw them into the workroom and told him it was stupid to worry about magazines being stolen by someone stupid enough to want to steal them.... then I closed the door on the library and went back to work, undisturbed. Bunch of babies and I need to get away from them. For some reason he actually thought that it would be my fault if someone else stole those magazines. Blame the victim for the acts of the criminal? It goes along with New York City deciding that it would be too dangerous to have the trial, take it somewhere else, we couldn't be responsible enough to provide an island of sanity and safety in the Hudson River - I might be expecting way too much, but they should try don't you think, not surrender to the forces of madness and evil? But then Bloomberg is in charge isn't he? Nevermind. I am closing the library this afternoon and riding to the sub-Capital for my final briefing on the darkness outside of the light of government employment, if nothing else I get a motorcycle ride out of it, a chance to stop at Cabela's or Fort Lewis. What I need are nails and wooden boards for building my stables on FarmVille on FaceBook - and since that is only virtual, I must need virtually nothing - blood pressure was 113/69 with the heart beat of 44 per minute, life is good then you're gone.

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