Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have to confess...

I am not a nice guy. Good got that out of the way. Many things are happening in the world, and now that ABC and other networks, to include FOX have told me that there is a meltdown happening in the Japanese power plants, I am not taking anymore chances on dying slowly of radiation poisoning. I am going to stop taking my medications and die quick. It won't be long now.

For those that haven't been following real science, engineering or trusting the Japanese to do the right thing and only having one source for your panic, I will share a fine little blog from a man I had dinner with. In Sanity

The power plants are a distraction, the earth is unstable and needs fixing, no more large earthquakes, even small ones -- stop them now. When this is over, the dead counted, more will have died by water and things falling down than radiation. As soon as the MSM and the Xperts get Global Warming (now Climate Change) adjusted properly I want them to stablize the Mantle and those floating plates. I could get hurt.

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