Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Had some bad news, or rumors of it yesterday...

The problem with social media, is that there isn't any real FACE time. Most meaningful communications need tone of voice and expression to transfer thoughts well. Hmm, this blog probably doesn't work as well as if we were talking over coffee at the MacDonalds. Still it was unsettling enough that I did much quiet praying and went to bed early.

Then woke up and napped lightly for the next three hours until I crashed again. That last sleep was a fool dreamer, seems my DNA was flaking off of me, taking enough circulation and promise of a future to grow in the ground like a tree. But it would have been another Earl (according to my dream). My wife laughed and said that was a
"dog dream".

I am reading Musashi, about 17th Century Japan and a famous Swordsman. The rains fall lightly but wet unpon the Great Northwest, predicted for another week of wet. Not heavy enough to hide from, so I will hit the road soon.

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Old NFO said...

Dreams, according to some, are precursors of things to come! :-)