Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Okay: press two for Spanish, in Spanish of course...

I am an Anglo, I think I am an American, and I am sure that the United States of America defeated the Mexicans and Spain in the 19th Century, were invaded once in the 20th Century by Villa and for some reason pushing two on the telephone will get you a Spanish Speaking Computer answering machine - on the Medicare questions. What is that reasoning? The computers aren't any smarter in Spanish than English - they are stupid, and their logic circuits only perform the required tasks - any human will perform them faster and better.

New Library Reference - Wikipedia, or Google, or Bing... only as good as the software, since two of those choices want money - their motives are already in question in my mind. So when I go to a library, with a really tough search in mind, I want a real librarian with a questioning mind - first they have to find out what I am really looking for - filtering through all the connections that I think are important to get to the real question. Computers don't really go fast enough, and the more feel good sound and flurry video ads just attack my view of a simple world............. So why does the government think they save money buying stupid machines and software for answering a client's problems? Ah, Obamacare - if you think Medicare is fun wait until you see Obamacare. Does that get a rise from the new Czar of badmouthing Obama and his future as President Re-Elected? I can only hope. Would they have black helicopters, kevlar helmets and pistol proof body armor?
Will they burst in the door and kill my dog, shoot me holding a weapon without a bullet in the chamber, take all my books, computers and paperwork to prove I was against the President and the general Government foolishness? Nah, don't think so.

Back to Medicare, I did get a real human, won't publish his name but he was helpful thoughtful and told me the same thing they had told me those last two visits to correct their error. Seems they keep going back to the days when I worked and had another health insurance - and for the third time I told them I don't work anymore, and their records are so wrong. I expect, that somewhere there is a link to their old stuff, the computer will have to check it, and it will again in the future deny medical claims and I will get called by the doctor's office, have to call Medicare again and go through this process. Isn't government care so wonderful? You want government health care, you set up hospitals, doctor and nursing schools and provide the care. You don't guarantee payments, insurance is interesting but it isn't health care, it is insurance. Most of us don't work hard enough on our own health, why should the government provide insurance for our lack of effort?

No, I won't provide a Spanish translation for this post, no one is reading it anyway.

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