Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Morning...

I woke very early to dreams of High School class reunion (yes, we had public schools back then). And another blogger was visiting my dreams, and I know he is too busy putting in beans now to have time to dream. I got up and turned on the computer - wrong way, man. Get the coffee going put on the sweats and hit the road, computers like television tie your mind up - dozing on alpha waves of mindlessness. Sigh. I can do better can't I? I will continue to struggle.

Aside from grocery shopping this afternoon, I could get a motorcycle ride or some shooting in at the range. Hmm, best schedule rifle and pistol practice. Although, dry fire drills, drawing, position, slinging up, target acquisition are exactly like doing the basic three sets of exercises --- good cheap, at home convenient and always not done in the public view. Then take that polished practiced body (bikini ready NOT!) with one's weapons of choice and show off at the range. Kind of like leaning on that tight turn and rolling on the throttle. Makes me so smooth, and smooth is fast!

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