Monday, May 9, 2011

Having fun with History

So I should be jogging, but it was dark outside when I woke. I had spent miles on the roads of Fort Bragg, but then it changed to desert Arizona, and when I got in I went from Sergeant Major to Library Assistant and cataloging, time to wake up. Made coffee, weighed and measured and medicated. No hope.

Since it wasn't time for FarmVille I scanned some pictures, modified the color and contrast, saved, shipped and pasted into the Family tree software. It is kind of cool. Beside the piles of procrastination are boxes of pictures. You can tell how organized I was, I did many strange things with pictures and memories from years ago. If I had only had digital and computers like today. Well, I took a picture of my father and mother about 199? and posted it on the father's picture side, and my Dad's favorite picture of my mother and I(as a baby) on the mother's picture side.
I like that approach, the couple in more formal setting, then the wife in her really good looking probably younger self. I don't have enough pictures of the older now long gone generations. But I like the idea.

For all you younger folks out there, time flies, really flys! so get organized early, writing your autobiography will be so much easier. And if you die before, if you were organized enough some smart college English Major can do your biography from your files. Of course, they will change the reason your life worked out that way - just so they can sell the book, once you don't write it - it belongs to the future.

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