Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am having so much fun...

filling out the Family Tree. But if no one is real, touching and talking - is it a family any more? I found a letter with family information from California - yes, Smiths and Dungeys went to, lived in and prospered in California. But the letter was dated June 2002, and I doubt I wrote back except to say thank you. Now my mother has passed away, and I don't know that they know. A tree falls in the wood, and makes no sound? Almost nine years and they weren't young then.

I guess everyone should write their autobiography, and then have sell it as a very cheap ebook. Actually, writing about one's life should be very easy - but finding value in it, might be difficult. Well, off to the doctors again, and I have other stops today, rain is holding off, so the Trusty Triumph is roaring and rolling out, and maybe I will work on the back acres went the dew is dried away.

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Earl said...

Ah, the missing blog post. Thank you Blogger.