Thursday, July 7, 2011

No church buildings... wonder why?

I am on facebook, and I play FarmVille and Empires & Allies, I confess, I am such a kid. But I won't spend money on it, which likely disappoints the creators. My game becomes building the farms and Empires that Earl can get by planning, saving, and cooperating with my neighbors and allies. Something for our government to pay attention to there, as they prepare to raise the debt limit. And NO they don't have to raise the limit, they just need to close much of their foolishness down permanently. Pull back all the adventurism in nation building and be much better people and leaders.

I saw a brief announcement from the President about his last meeting with the leaders of Congress - he shows signs of NO LEADERSHIP and mentions how far apart the leaders are. Since he isn't on my street, neighborhood and on my page of life -- he might be really far from me, how could he think that the people in Congress are close on anything? Unreasonable expectations of his way being the right way.

Well, back to no church buildings, the game will give you libraries, office buildings, general stores, I have castles and keeps, and ruins (which look suspiciously like old abandoned churches from long ago - after the Vikings), I get barns and stables, pig pens and winery, lots of things for gardens and good looking, but they aren't offering the ability to build a Little Brown Church, Cathedral or raise a mosque or temple... hmm, no virtual religion is a good thing - only a real God will work for all that we have done so poorly.

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Old NFO said...

That IS interesting... since I don't play online games, I wonder if that is a 'standard' across all of them, or just in farmville?