Wednesday, July 6, 2011

See that tank over there?

The evening of the third of July the neighbor boys (30+) blew something up LOUDLY!, and my wife became afraid. I asked if she wanted me to shoot them, she said no. But her sleep was troubled the remainder of the night. The Fourth just continued the beautiful weekend weather and firecrackers were everywhere, we went to church friends' to watch the valley of Orting light up, and all the ridges around.

Two bottles of Crown Royal in velvet bags with the appetizers on the table, all former military retirees from various conflicts and one says see that tank over there my sister lives right below it. I kept looking for the Sherman, or T-54, Wrong! it was a water tank he was talking about. Most of the men in that conversation had been looking for armored, tread layers with a gun. The church ladies had some chilly, fruity, alcoholic drinks, and a very good time. One lady told me my wife was 'Outlandish', and I said no, that would be a bad thing, that my wife was 'the life of the party' - which was a better concept. She was. I do love translation, so much always gets lost.

Games of toss something were played, there were teenage boys to set off their fireworks, and about every hour one of those loud sudden booms would go off and I would cringe... in the early going. Late night discussion was about why America isn't working now, three generations and I was from the middle of the three. The other two actually want to discuss it more later - I see no solution, the country is in denial and won't heal itself.

I spent an interesting Rest Day on the 5th of July, put the ARTS channel on, and ignored most of what was on, and loved no commercial interruption. I have to get back to closing out and living on... take care out there

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Old NFO said...

Earl- We had a similar conversation, our consensus was that Congress has neither the balls or backbone to actually make the cuts needed to actually start reining the budget in... Especially NOT in the election year coming. Glad y'all had a good one!