Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It is the economy, or is it lack of a moral purpose?

I busted out of the house today, and went shopping. Shock! I know how much Gold is going for, but COFFEE? I can live without gold, but COFFEE? it made steak look cheap. I bought lots of old fashioned oatmeal. My wife has been preparing the house for her absence, I will make it, there is a 'to do, too' list.

Just noticing that Libya is no longer under the Italians nor the old man, G/K/Q-ah+ daffy. The flow of money out of America (that our government doesn't have) continues. We are going to help stabilize the region (why?) Somalia needs help much more (but we aren't welcome there). I think it is time for NATO to be disbanded. It isn't an alternative to America going alone, and I like the other soldiers from the other NATO nations - as opposed to Obama, I have actually worked and lived around them, competed and trained with them. But isn't it time that we gave Europe its independence from the American Shield? Especially since I don't think they will jump into our future struggles against China.

Well, time for me to go back to being a slug, a Wuss and an old, old man. Games aren't better than the people that design them. Social networks aren't really social for reclusive fellas.

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Old NFO said...

Or are they an escape from reality???