Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Most vulnerable during transition...

If you were a small unit leader about to spring an attack on an enemy unit, you would wait until they were in transition. The time between stationary and in motion, there they are in camp, there they are in the march -- and you want to catch them in between the two -- and hit them hard, fast and leave confusion in your wake. The leaders will want more information about the attack, the troops will want leaders telling them which way to go or shoot, and calling in support fires... if you timed it right they don't really have leaders and only the unit's training in immediate action will save them. How many times do you practice handling the unexpected? the remotely possible? the completely unlikely? Basic self defense issues, home security, night on the town, hurricane and tornado? Terrorist attacks. The best most of us do seems to be first aid training. I had a friend that was with the 1st Cav in Vietnam. When he finished that tour he took all the first aid training he could, before he went back to become a CavSandwich (1st Cav patch on both shoulders) on a second tour.

I am suffering patiently my wife's getting ready to travel to the Republic of Korea (Dae Han Min Guk) and spend September with her family and old friends. She went more shopping yesterday, packed the bags twice (that means repacked at least once), has given me things to do while she is gone. She has constantly stopped and made sure I will be going to church on Sunday and Wednesday (I will be staying close to the men, and have told her to tell their ladies to stay away from me). I probably won't be answering the telephone, best email me if you need my attention.

Half her preparations have been in trying to clean up the home before the long awaited visit of our son, his wife and the grandson. Which except for two major home fix ups will be the brunt of my cleaning and finding place for stuff. It is going to be just Me against Earl, and we will see which will win. I have to drive her car enough that the battery stays charged, and I do have to keep moving. So if you see an old man walking his heart out there somewhere, think well of him.


Old NFO said...

You will do well Earl, you have faith and family supporting you; AND a cleaning list, right? :-)

Yoda of Math said...

In school, transition times are the times when sneaky students do sneaky stuff. Maybe the military needs to start recruiting from the teacher ranks. LOL.