Sunday, August 7, 2011


The end of the world as we know it. The bug out bag. What are you going to do if...

Idle speculation, but Be Prepared is still a very good idea.

Some of the best trained, toughest professional military went down to their death, due to one rocket. Something the Taliban have been preaching and teaching for long in the country of Afghanistan, against the British, Russians and now the Americans and NATO forces. They get prayers, they have had mine for some time, their war looks like a bad after thought, of politicians in Capitols far from Kabul. Pray for their enemies, our enemies, too. Really, let the light of the Lord shine gloriously upon them. They need saved, don't we all?

Looking at the big disasters, makes me think that you get what you brought to the party, hang on to it and be flexible, patient and helpful. Think logically, take time to discuss and resolve. Joplin was leveled, not everyone survived but the town hasn't died, they are cleaning up and rebuilding, planning and working for their better future. I have lots of books, and their going to be used for someone's fire in a dark Wintery future - but I did read them and can share what I gathered. I am not as enduring and strong as I once was, in a real End of the World, I will get gathered up and tossed aside. Unless I have something of value, what was that movie about the Jews in the Forest - Defiance, what did they bring, what did they build, how do you survive when forces are seeking to destroy you and the memory of you from the earth?

What is in your bug out bag, what is in your mind, what is your link with the Greatest Power in the Universe? Be of good faith and Trust in the Lord.

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