Friday, September 9, 2011

No you aren't paranoid, they are out to get you...

I went on my walk, feeling fine about posting that we don't want a 9/11/11 to happen, and that the terrorists aren't going to do what they did last time, but that they would probably try to attack again.

When the original attack happened I questioned the choice of the date, still don't know for sure why 9/11 -- I don't think it was because the US uses 9-1-1 as an emergency number, but they did have their own reason.

As I walked my mind took it a step farther, one Homeland Security and the City of New York are prepared for an attack on 9/11/11. So the Evil-doers will likely go for a different date and time, and PLACE! Just seems to me.

Perfect time 050607 09/10/11, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. I would go with LA, long coast and concentrated differently than Las Vegas - Attack the water supply in Nevada, attack by air in LA. Poison gas in containers on the highway or from ships.

Now, I don't want anything to happen, just working through the exercise.

Cling to God, family and friends, and attack if threatened, and be thankful if nothing happens. It is true that most of our enemies are upset with our efforts to fight them where we find them. Like I said, Thank God for that.

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Old NFO said...

Or a 'planned' repeat of what happened last night, but with explosives...