Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gee, got to get me an Assault Rifle* ... do you have?

A crazy man was firing an Assault rifle, from only 800 yards, at the White House. Ah, he has been caught. And it turns out that it was an AK47 rifle, which isn't except to the non-shooting media moguls an "Assault Rifle", and Mall Ninjas, of course.

You know it isn't their fault - they are a product of their education and culture. My congressperson voted against HR 822, so I sent him an email and reminded him I cared enough to give him my advice last week. I also offered my future services in the advice department; on firearms, shooting and national security. For emailing the fine fellow I needed to give it an area that the computer would recognize. So I used the area that the Founding Fathers thought critical, the Second Amendment to the original Constitution, you know: Homeland Security.

November 19 is rapidly approaching, don't forget to buy a hundred rounds and a brick of .22 LR. Okay, I added the brick, but everyone (safe shooting militia) needs more ammunition. I am learning the reloading of my 30-06. Shrinking my firearms back (can't carry that many, too many calibers) and knowing that having one rifle that you shoot is better than the ten you don't. Most of us aren't trying to arm the community. Few of us need as many as we have, but it is great to live in a country that doesn't fear its citizens enough to disarm them and make them targets of criminal activity, England anyone? One would think that England would proudly claim its lack of criminal activity with firearms, safer than New York City is London, oops! New York is unarmed, too. Don't ask about Australia, they have had a great heritage of standing up with the Empire against terrible savages, but now seems President Obama wants to station US Marines there for some serious military need unanswered by the disarmed Aussies? I made that up, mostly.

Of note to me, from facebook, is a comment on stopping blogging - if it hurts to think and write, stop, most students do as soon as they graduate from high school, or college. If you have something to say, be polite and write as if someone is going to read. Although I am sure I have been misunderstood more than I intended, just type too fast.

The blue icy patch is for shooting Rifleman in WINTER conditions, yes, they are shooting in sub-freezing weather -- dress warmly, layers, and keep dry. And do enjoy improving your marksmanship, it is always good to improve your life, even in the smallest activities.

A reader says there is such a thing as an Assault Rifle.

*Assault weapon is a non-technical term referring to any of a broad category of firearms with certain features, including some semiautomatic rifles, some pistols, and some shotguns
AK 47 is the model base, and even the Soviets never called it an 'assault rifle'
First Known Use of ASSAULT RIFLE 1972 (might as well think proactive is a real word now)

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