Thursday, November 17, 2011

No need for me to write today... Tam does it better.

From Earl, the idea the Federal Government needs to make sure everyone can carry concealed in all the states -- bad idea. Every state needs to get Concealed Carry or go like Vermont, and then allow everyone with a permit from another state to carry in their state. ALL FIFTY without Federal Law intruding! That would be wonderful, magnificent and totally awesome. And the Federal Government would not be happy (YEAH!) because they had be gone around, which might need to happen much more.

From Tam (who know much more than I about all those things I love: reading, riding and shooting) for those that haven't any idea what the whole gun thing is, what the fears were or are and who cares. She posts Sea Change. I can't say it that well, my readers have to point out there really are Assault Weapons, they were banned after all, the government couldn't be wrong?

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