Friday, November 18, 2011

Gun Running and Heart Walks...

Finished doing whatever this afternoon and had enough time so grabbed my staff and raincoat and ball cap and I went walking my heart. The weather was on my side, cool but drier than the earlier showers had been. It was good to walk, when I jogged a few years back I often passed by an old man, with his rolling walker with the seat and his oxygen bottle. I was always glad to see him, and he always encouraged me by saying that he wished he could run like that. I didn't jog that fast but he would likely never run again. The things we appreciate so much once they are gone are many. I imagine he isn't with us any longer, except in my memory. As I walked I got a couple of dogs excited, they want me to go faster or stop and play. Two trucks honked at me, must be men that I know, but that I don't recognize the trucks of... yes, I know that women also drive trucks but few of them would honk, especially at me.

Gun running, now that could be an interesting idea. Heard the Mexican Drug Cartels need firearms, wonder where I could get some - from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive - certainly. I do believe that most employees, especially in the military and law enforcement really honor their profession and professionalism. But their political leadership wants results, they want stuff they can wave at their bosses and supporters in the news - of victories, success, importance. If there is no crime it would have to be invented. If someone says that most of the guns going to Mexico came from easy purchase at Gun Shows and Gun Shoppes, well then it must be true. Go find them. Like saying Whiskey comes from Ireland... go prove it.

So when Governor Perry decides that he doesn't remember the third agency to abolish during the debate, I know the BAFTE was at the top of my list. Oops! how did that happen, mostly they are good people doing a thankless job, but then they did start the Ruby Ridge stupidity, yes, the FBI swooped in to make sure there were no survivors, but too many witnesses came to watch and they couldn't just burn them out. By the time they decided to use overwhelming force on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas - with the able help of the same FBI fools from Idaho they burned lots of innocents, to save them from abuse. I still love the conspiracy theory of the undercover agent that worked with Timothy McVeigh on the Oklahoma City bombing - always talked about but never on tape, never caught and there weren't any BAFTE agents in the Federal Building that day. I don't think it really happened that way. The idea that a government agency would disregard the law, the safety or the catching of criminals to promote more investment in their agency - that is just too hard to believe, until Fast and Furious comes up, and it is the BAFTE agency again, with their superior crime fighting skills encouraging guns to go into Mexico in direct violation of their citizens' trust, tarnishing their honor as lawmen. But then I was discussing honor and Federal lawmen in the same sentence, and I should really get a check up, that fantasy world might be creeping into my reality again.

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