Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am preparing for church, another joint service...

Sing praises to the Lord! Are you suffering enough for your beliefs - actually it isn't a belief as it is the Truth recognized and embraced. You do know I don't do hugs well? So sure of my own ability, strength and character that I hardly ever needed God, just didn't need to bother Him, I was okay.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. or better translation: AWE of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom --- when you realize that everything is created and founded upon God's Love. That will take awhile to sink in, go ahead I will wait. I wish you be so blest.

I know that blest isn't appreciated by the spell checker, they want blessed, but if you sing there is an extra syllable in blessed, and blest is the way I say it. Also, I have been wrong before, look how long it took me to make epitome (voiced e) and epitome (silent e) into the same word - spoken and read. It was all Greek to me.

Have to get dressed, or is it drest? Kind of like the storm swept in... which is becoming the storm sweeped it all away... Not.

Isn't it cool that I haven't centered my blog on government mess, and looked at God's best blest? Okay, I am flexible -- God's best blessed. You know who you are, give Thanks and share. Amen!

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Old NFO said...

Good post Earl :-) Thanks!