Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big day today... Men's Bible study at home...

My wife has been throwing herself at this for weeks, it will be a wonderful rest to leave Church on Sunday and get ready to travel to California and get to know the grandchildren (I have mentioned they really are GRAND? haven't I?).

Today is all about the Men's Bible Study, and it has been my turn for awhile, and my wife was getting nervous. It would look like we weren't many things (all of them bad or at least anti-social) if we didn't host it at our home. Now I like Bible study, with the other men, but you may have noticed that I am mostly a quiet recluse and I don't want to bother anyone.

Days in food preparation, furniture movement, figuring out what needs to be hidden or just out of the way. I haven't hurt myself moving anything, although because things are moved I have bruised myself well traveling at speed through a dark house with furniture to bump solidly into, sigh. I have asked for prayers for help against envy and pride, and people thought they were for me, but they weren't. My wife's culture will shame her when she has nothing to be shamed about - me, I am just blest with the best wife I could never have imagined.

The men do like to get together for the Bible study, realizing we need all the help we can get and give, we will sing (badly but with conviction), pray with passion, and study and talk about the lesson, then we will join the ladies - which have prepared the feast and eat the buffet away. There is no way any of us need that much great food - but none of us will complain, and we will try to eat a bit of everything and too much of the stuff we really love. In moderation, then during the clean up the ladies will divide the leftovers - there isn't any way we could finish all the food in three meals.

Well, I had best get back at it, I have some more little things to adjust in today for my wife, some dusting, vacuuming and moving for when they get here in five hours or so... God love you all and be good because it is wonderful.


breda said...

grand, indeed. How adorable :)

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, the furniture moving... And the pain incurred, but they are ALL worth it in the end! Good food, good fellowship, one can't ask for much more!

Jeffro said...

Hope you and your lovely wife had a great day! Bet it was fun!