Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blood pressure 112/70 pulse 44, not bad for a fat...


Woke from a wonderful military dream, Fort Bragg modern, me dressed in NATO woodland BDUs, and challenged by a suspicious Division Commander, who sent his Command Sergeant Major over to bust me. We had a great conversation and helped a young paratrooper clean his weapon and watched a weather weapon system start to crash and burn during a demonstration of its capabilities. Great dream. Noticed today that the US Army is going to decrease eight brigades - nice that we can send in Congress and the TSA to fight the nation's battles in the future. Yes, I insist that the Commander in Chief lead them.

Also in the news that Demi Moore is having problems with whip-it, which I thought was some sluty sex game. I am so wrong, but then watching a sob piece on how troubled she was (she was a military dependent I understand), I figured out she hasn't accepted Jesus and been saved. Although, no one on television would break it down that quickly - I can, because I am not feeding off her fame.

I am almost certain I am starting to believe that Warren Buffet is correct, that his secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than he does. No, I definitely KNOW that his secretary shouldn't pay a higher rate. God only wanted the first and the best and only ten percent tithe to the temple. And He created everything, and destroys it periodically. I think only nine per cent for all taxes of your increase a year, is enough for the government. And quit thinking that the government needs to handle everything, we would all handle what is necessary without the government if it was gone. Really.

Dependence on government got you 9/11 air traffic shutdown, four highjacked aircraft, three buildings attacked and all air traffic shuts down because we can't handle the trauma? London in WWII under constant bombings, Berlin and Leningrad same war - they didn't shutdown in panic.
Just think of what we could accomplish if there wasn't so much government telling us how bad it would be... to be free and independent again.

All of my siblings read my 'rant' yesterday, not one of them has the same idea about what I meant, or even said - I am sure. It is nice to know they thought I might say something meaningful. Thank you all, for the love.


Old NFO said...

Buffet's secretary makes over $200k/yr... She is NOT your average secretary... Just sayin!

Earl said...

But I do like everyone paying only nine percent on their increase for the year, no matter how they made it. EVERYONE!

Joycelyn said...

1) You have so little faith in your siblings (or your ability to get a point across)
2) what happens if you don't get an increase, but a decrease? Do you get 9% from the gov?

Earl said...

What happens if you don't get an increase? You don't pay a tzx on nothing, but they don't pay you either, I guess soup kitchens and tent cities until you find something you can do that will pay.