Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nope, my choice for office holder makes no better...

Look, if the person is not someone I would follow into combat to take out an enemy machine gun nest - then I shouldn't vote. Guess that make November really easy - and since I am sure it is all too complicated for me to understand I will just read how many to vote for, spin a dial and mark the one that come up.

They aren't following the Constitution of the United States NOW, it won't change on my vote. In Washington State they can't count the votes the same way every re-count except in small counties, so the Democrats add as many votes as they need in Seattle and King County. My one vote doesn't count.

Now, the other thing, most of these laws, regulations and executive orders are because I am a BAD Man, a STUPID man, and UNTRUSTWORTHY man. They aren't going to stop passing that kind of constraint on my terrible behavior. I have a reader that says we have to have rules - his point being that the number of women I have never raped is because of my fear of punishment for that crime. Okay, make it murder, the number of people I don't kill is only because I am afraid of the government coming after me and doing something awful to me in justice for my bad manners. Or, that I am stupid enough to abuse alcohol or drugs - because that is the fun thing to do... I don't need laws against drug or alcohol abuse, I won't. Personal choice, and if you think that any of the Drug Enforcement works - why are all the illegal drugs available within driving distance of you and your telephone? Mostly I do know what is bad, may have consequences and I will have to answer to God for. Don't need the government guidance and direction.

If the number of abortions were based on laws passed against it, instead of the number of sane women that understand what sex, pregnancy and birth means - well, since the government realizes that they can't legislate against bad, stupid and immoral behavior and have decided it is legal - we still have more healthy babies being born than aborted. Sad about the others, but we will meet the Judgement in Heaven.

I have made too many references to a Superior Being and Power, and I know that God exists - that is not your problem but my blessing. So let us go far away from a moral issue.

We seem to be electing stupid people, or people that think we are stupid, evil and can't be trusted and then on top of that - they can't figure out how to pay for their stupid attempts to regulate their goodness gracious on the gullible. They want you to understand it is your fault that they haven't got enough money to pay the bills they make. You will be punished for your success - it is only fair. After supporting all the stupid, lazy, and just nasty people with all their bad behavior with your good work and such, well, you will die - we all die, they haven't written that rule that says we won't yet. (Yes, and then they will tax the estate - don't own farmland in Indiana).

Doesn't matter which party you are talking about, doesn't matter which candidate - it isn't going to change, the real people in charge don't want it to change.

You can make a difference, every day, by being the best human being possible, having lots of love, good manners and living outside the law. They won't even notice, they haven't got control of the criminals yet, there is no way they will ever get control of the saints.


Anonymous said...

Earl, Thank you for this posting. I do thank you also for so many other lessons that I have been priviledged to toreive from you. I have taken the Liberty of copying this post with credit and url given.

Best Regards
Brian Morton
aka 06en

Yoda of Math said...

Your reader who says that laws stop bad behavior has not reached his/her highest ethical level yet. Regarding voting: a sheriff in Marion County, WV won by one vote in the 1960's ... and he was the one my husband voted for. Your vote counts more in the local elections than the nationals.