Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seems to be getting back to normal...

Sliding through the television stations looking for background I passed the most current Presidential Candidate debates and thought to myself that looks so like Reality Television no wonder I can't be stopped to pay attention. I was reading an Elmore Leonard Western, Gunsights, he tells a great story and television quickly fades. My wife was away celebrating the New Year, the Year of the Dragon, and I was wrapped up in the West as it never or always was. Combine that with reading Girl Hunter (I skip all the recipes - would eat them just not going to cook them) and I had a dream about taking a shot.

So folks dream about love or the distant second of sex, some folks dream about Heaven and many are stuck in nightmares of Hell with sweat and pain and waking frightened. I am dreaming of being with a group of men on a hillside going to shoot some other men on another hillside and I have a very fine rifle, and am adjusting the sights to hit them. Adjustments made and I am ready and I raise the rifle and get my sight adjustment, sight picture, pause, focus on the front sight and squeeze and hit perfectly the biggest bull elk. I feel like Abraham not having to sacrifice Isaac, ever grateful to the Lord.

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Old NFO said...

Can't blame you on ignoring the debates... sigh