Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knowing when to say Good-bye...

I don't really say Good-bye much, don't say it well and hardly mean it if I do mumble it. I think it comes from my father always moving us on to a better job at higher wages, and we would leave a neighborhood and friends and family behind and on we would go. I seemed to be chasing someone just like me that had just left - that was also a bit unnerving - to think I had a twin I didn't know about. I would be happier with the Good-bye if it were "God be with you!" as it was long ago, always easier to ask a blessing than to sever a friendly familiar fellowship with a heartless and cold good-bye.

Seems there are rumbles of change in the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, Funfaler said good-bye and Fred sends out a message about it, this is a volunteer organization and opting in and opting out is a choice, may we make the right one, always. I know that our lives, family and friends have an effect on our ability to go with the job, the hobby and any new adventure (if to venture is to try, is adventure to try harder?). When your family and profession support your passions it does work well, when the Governor or the Chairman of the Board change the vision and the compensation it might be time to move on, to say good-bye.

I am only looking back and measuring the years affect on me, I am a GRAND-FATHER! now that is so much cooler than just being a Dad - but I did like that title, and still deserve it periodically, that is a big thing in my life. Obama being President, either a great one or a bad one will never measure up to the birth of Keegan William Dungey - in my life. How do I know? Well, I remember Eisenhower's re-election, so I know it will affect me, but not anything like THEY want it to. Probably because the Presidency is about money and power, and the baby is all about Love. One day the government will try to tax Love, to control the issuing of it, and the creation of it but it isn't going to happen. They don't believe in it, sigh.

I went from being an M1 Garand wanna-be (I owned one and wanted to shoot it well) to an active Shoot Boss and Instructor with the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, making a difference in people's lives - knowing that they all can take that rifle and target and make the shot so much better than they could before we met. Safely, imagine that you anti-gun nuts. I probably look harder at safety with firearms than y'all ever will --- quaking in fear in your darkness, no enlightenment in your life is there? You are afraid of the thugs and the guns, the guys and their guns and the children and their guns. The only thing you should fear is the LORD, and you might not have that right yet, but I am hoping it pops up on your to do list. I do invite all the non-shooters to come out to an Appleseed and learn about how to use the rifle safely, effectively and enjoyably.

I wrapped up my last Appleseed, e-letters to the crew, pictures posted in the After Action Reports (AAR) links on the left, and only wish I had had Wade there and that the whole crew had gone to dinner on my dime, I need a social secretary when my wife isn't around, she does keep me seemingly civilized. But even as I get to be sixty-too old to be that anymore, in my heart I am still the guy that kills the enemy and breaks things - no wonder my dreams are always military and in barracks with broken plumbing and floating feces... one day I might be re-born always hope.

Have a happy holiday, think well about those far away doing the best they can for whatever reason they were given, cherish in your heart the friends and family you can't be with, hold close and love all those you can be with and take us out of 2009 as a better people and working on making 2010 just plain wonderful, drive safe, and please don't run over the jogger nor the motorcyclist - even if he isn't me, he is still loved by someone.


Stephen said...

Another wise post to give me a better outlook for the day. Thanks Earl!

Old NFO said...

Congrats on a life changing year Earl! And yeah, being a Grandpa DOES change your perspective a bit :-)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!