Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did you do a good job? you will remember it...

The big conference call was this morning, and the big in Library meetings held and I learned what I already knew - we did a good job but only those in direct contact with us understand how well we did it and if it has worth. I have had that kind of work before, in places far away and long ago, I recognize it well now. I do know I have two things to write about and post and sell to the media, and that should be fun in itself.

I took home to read and return two books recommended about America, by writers that have passed on, To America by Stephen E. Ambrose and This Noble Land by James A. Michener. I checked on my email, deleting the commercial solicitations, especially Sara's Pix (no, I won't open that email). I find on the Appleseed Forum a new place to see where children, kids and youngsters (likely lads and lasses) can post their pictures from Appleseeds and stories about how they started shooting and with Appleseeds and what they liked about it = Appleseed for Kids.

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Old NFO said...

Interesting link earl, and yes BOTH those books are good! Enjoy the reads!