Thursday, January 28, 2010

U Rn't here 4EVER, R U?

I got a couple of interesting nibbles from my family on my proposed ride across America, don't ask about my wife - she isn't going but knows I will do it somehow. My mother wants me to stop and get pictures of my cousin's home before I see her so she can look at them, her mother and she loved looking at new homes. My sister would like to go with me to Tennessee and Arkansas, and I asked what kind of a motorcycle she would be riding - kind of cool thinking that she would ride off with me, about time she broke free and roared! Her son-in-law has had his time on motorcycles could advise her on training and machine, and it doesn't really cost as much as one thinks if one doesn't buy an H-D label nor new. The picture is of my brother's motorcycle he says it is "Pacific Coast has nearly 100,000 miles on it. (And parts are starting to break with some regularity.) It really was the right type of motorcycle for me. Now I'm considering a BMW F800ST or a Honda NT700" He and his son haven't been through Yellowstone yet, might be time for Boy's BreakOut - or something. I often think I was locked into work, cause that was what I thought men did with their lives, and we all seem to have that idea that when you retire you sit down in the rocker on the porch, with your gun, dog and the moonshine and watch the world walk by... too busy to stop and share. Maybe I should just ride around until I find that pile of jobs that Washington DC is going to create, or just ride and be happy. Any good hints on computer to carry and connections, one can't just ride and not write and post about it, unless I wanted to publish an e-book about the trip.... nah, only my mother would buy it. Nevermind, the ride calls for more planning. I have been riding the last three days to work, fog, drizzle and lovely lean and roar, only once was I too close for comfort... I am so in the groove.


Jeffro said...

I'd sure look at a netbook for traveling on a bike. I carry my laptop in the truck - but it's really more than I need. An Asus EeePC with the six cell battery, extra memory, and Windows 7 would be on my short list for a replacement for the laptop. The keyboard is small and the display is only 10 inches, plus there is no optical drive. If you wanted to watch DVDs, you'd have to buy an external drive. You can go cheaper with Linux rather than Windows if you are interested in fooling with something different.

I get by without an aircard (internet access through the cell phone system) because most motels have wireless access these days. If you were pitching a tent everywhere, then an aircard would be a must.

Your cell phone carrier probably has netbooks all ready to go with a data plan and built in aircards.

But, netbooks also normally have no productivity software or the horsepower to run much. If you want to put your portable pc to work, then you'd need to get a laptop. Lower end laptops are pretty inexpensive these days - some in the $400 and above range. You have to spend more to get productivity software included (like MS Office).

Laptop tech hasn't really advanced much lately - so prices have dropped compared to the past. Netbooks are improving - the processors are getting more powerful and the solid state "hard drives" are also improving. 160 gig seems to be the standard size at the moment. Both laptops and netbooks usually have camera storage card readers and plenty of USB ports for adding stuff.

So, it really depends on what you want to do with it and if you can live with the size - whether toting something large and heavy or dealing with a small display and keyboard.

threecollie said...

By golly if you make it to that dairy farm in NY Liz and I will feed you well and make you welcome (as will the rest of the crew, but we are the chief cooks)! What an adventure!!!!

Tam said...

I've always had a soft spot for the Pacific Coast.

If I still used a bike as a daily driver, that would be it: Good weather protection, a trunk that can actually hold groceries, nimbler in traffic than a 'Wing...