Monday, February 1, 2010

Disconnecting from the web... sticky thing isn't it?

Among my wife's fears is losing me to the Internet, or computer games. So my farm on FarmVille is now terminal, it was interesting but never real. No dog, no guns, no taxes, no weather -- I didn't do more than break the links on my side of the net, and same for the one on FaceBook, I was there and still am virtually, but consider my visiting dead. I have seen the farms of those that started but couldn't maintain an interest in FarmVille, the plants wither and do nothing, although the game will call your friends back to help you out, they are often too sad to visit.

I remember when I stopped online banking, it was when I couldn't log on, my password was blank as I typed it, I couldn't remember my high school name and I didn't want to go and ask at the bank to connect again. I was very secure in protections against my using my accounts, so I just went back to checks. That works pretty well for me, no complications in writing a check yet. Maybe I should get a real dog when I come back from my motorcycle trip.

Another item to disconnect from, email ads for Sales at Target, and many other businesses that I had purchased something from, turn them off one by one. Silence in the email boxes would be interesting.

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threecollie said...

Gonna miss you on Facebook